August 1, 2016

About the conference

The Mesoamerican Society for Biology and Conservation (SMBC) was formed in Honduras in January 1996 in response to the lack of regional communication forums for students and professionals in the areas of biology and conservation of natural resources in Central America.

The Mission of the SMBC is to promote exchange of knowledge, training, and dissemination of scientific research to pursue the conservation of biological and cultural diversity in Mesoamerica through an important forum like the congresses, in which students and researchers from neighboring countries get to know each other and their work. Currently, the SMBC includes chapters in each one of the Mesoamerican countries plus Cuba and Colombia.

The SMBC Congress is held every year. In 2002, we celebrated the VI Congress of the SMBC in Costa Rica, then we returned in 2010 for the XIV Congress with the successful participation of hundreds of students and professionals. After seven years, we return to Costa Rica, hoping to once again contribute to the professional and technical development of our membership by celebrating the 21st Congress in the city of San José, Costa Rica.

We wanted to expand our efforts and knowledge-sharing by combining with the Partners in Flight (PIF) international conference. PIF has been a partner of SMBC since 2008; it includes more than 150 partner organizations throughout the Western Hemisphere. They are committed to all aspects of terrestrial bird conservation from science, research, planning, and policy development to land management, monitoring, education, and outreach.

Partners in Flight will meet in Costa Rica to promote interest in understanding and preserving birds throughout their annual cycle. PIF hopes to meet in Mesoamerica to increase partnerships with students and professionals across the region. In addition, they are interested in examining the relevance of science and bird conservation and biodiversity in the broader fields of sustainable development and human well-being.

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