May 22, 2017

Photography Contest

The categories for the annual photography contest are:

  1. Wildlife: any species of native wild flora or fauna of the countries in the Mesoamerican region.
  2. Landscapes and panoramic views: landscapes and scenarios of singular beauty on land, wáter, or air in the Mesoamerican region.
  3. Society and nature: people interacting with nature (use of natural resources, research, environmental education, ecotourism, conservation projects, etc.).

Photographs can be taken in natural settings or in zoos, botanical gardens, etc., but indicate whether the photo was taken in the wild or under controlled conditions. For each theme, awards will be given to the first and second place, as well as an honorable mention to the third place.

Contestants must submit their photos by October 1, 2017 to (Katherine Ulate or Alberto Rico), according to the instructions below:

Rules for the presentation of photographs

Photographs must be delivered to the registration table on matt photo paper ( 8×10 inches). Contestants must bring the originals in JPG format, fully labeled, to Congress on a USB drive or CD.

Specific guidelines

 Without exception, photographs must be submitted to the Photo Contest Coordinator upon registration and recorded.

  1. The author must attend the event and have paid his registration to the congress and his membership to the SMBC, either in advance or on the first day of the opening of the event (30 October).
  2. Each author may register up to three photographs in total, in any of the categories of the contest.
  3. Each printed photograph must be delivered with high quality and protected.
  4. The CD or USB drive containing the images must clearly indicate the name of the author, place where the photograph was taken, name of the species photographed (if applicable), technique used and category in which to contest.
  5. Each file should be named in the same way with the author and number of the photo. For example: Lara_Herrera_1.jpeg.
  6. The images will be evaluated in according to their technical quality, composition, originality, and artistic and scientific merit.
  7. The SMBC has no express or implied legal responsibilities with regard to the images submitted to the contest. The SMBC will not accept images that deviate from the terms, rules and conditions of the contest.
  8. SMBC reserves the right to use the images and to store them in electronic format. They may also publish them, with or without information at the bottom of them, on their website, in newsletters, or in any other form of printed material used in SMBC promotion. All images available to the public will include the author’s name.